The following characters play a notable role in one or more of the films as assistance to the Expendables, but are not considered part of the team itself. Agent Max Drummer, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is Barney's CIA liaison in the third movie. Billy tells Barney that he intends to leave the team to start a new life with his girlfriend Sophia. Lee often questions Barney's decisions but loyally sticks by him regardless. An ex-soldier, Billy became disillusioned after a disastrous mission in the Middle East which left many of his former unit dead. Sep 12, 2016 - Explore Countess Cooper's board "The Expendables", followed by 306 people on Pinterest. However, the Expendables deviate from the mission in order to avenge the death of Billy the Kid at Jean Vilain's hands; this leads to an intervention by Church and Trench, who comes along in order to repay a debt to Barney. He is picked on due to his size, ego, last name (which lends itself to puns) and his accent, which Agent Drummer cannot understand. Lundgren and Crews voiced their respective characters. When the new team is captured, Galgo approaches Barney and begs to be allowed to help. Paine is always accompanied by "The Brit", who also serves as Munroe's hired muscle. It is stated by Barney in the first film that Gunner is a drug user and it is implied that this has affected his mental and emotional stability, leading to Barney reluctantly discharging Gunner from the team after he needlessly tries to hang a Somali pirate at the end of a hostage recovery mission. He is introduced in the first film as being in the pocket of James Munroe, and the two disagree on Munroe's drug-related activities, with Garza growing increasingly resentful of Munroe's condescending attitude towards him. Barney is The Leader (being the top guy) while Christmas is The Lancer (as he is second-in-command, contrast to the top guy). Howeve… Among the rest, there are three Big Guys: Toll Road (the best hand-to-hand fighter), Hale (the strongest member and with the biggest guns) and Gunnar (the biggest and meanest). Cool Plane: Barney has a sea plane with hidden machine guns. He is first approached by Barney and Bonaparte in Mexico after losing an underground fight. Booker, portrayed by Chuck Norris, is a mercenary who famously acts alone, earning the nickname "The Lone Wolf". A band of very different | He meets Barney while the latter is on a recruitment mission to form a new team to take down Conrad Stonebanks, but is rejected. We actually broke down Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger head-to-head last year, and Sly packs quite the resume punch ( Rocky pun entirely intended 1. Hale Caesar, portrayed by Terry Crews, is another heavy weapons expert and the muscle-house of the Expendables team. His private life is also troubled, as his daughter Sandra regards him as a coward; she actively works against him by assisting Barney and Lee in their reconnaissance of the island. The following characters play a notable role in one or more of the films as assistance to the Expendables, but are not considered part of the team itself. At the end of the film he, along with Galgo, Luna, Mars, and Thorn, become members of the Expendables; he jokes to Barney about being the new leader. Dan Paine, portrayed by Steve Austin After the battle with the Sangs, Booker leaves in the company of Church, Maggie and Trench, with Booker stating that he is moving on due to the Sangs no longer being a threat. As compensation, he demands Barney deliver a map of an Albanian plutonium dump to him. Tool, portrayed by Mickey Rourke, is a tattoo artist who also serves as a recruitment liaison for the Expendables, and his tattoo parlor doubles as the Expendables' headquarters, although Tool himself no longer gets involved in missions. Much of Maggie's history is not revealed in the film; however, the character is somewhat of a substitute to Jet Li's character Yin Yang. After Barney gathers a new crew composed of John Smilee, Mars, Thorn and Luna, Drummer informs Barney that Stonebanks must be captured alive in order to be tried for war crimes. 2. Trench and Church arrive and free the Expendables and miners. Later, when Barney goes after Stonebanks with his old crew, Drummer takes Trench and Yin Yang along as support; he is shown to be a capable helicopter pilot. The following characters are antagonists in the film series. Actor | The Expendables 3. With aid from Drummer, Mauser and Yin Yang, the Expendables manage to fight off the soldiers while Barney faces Stonebanks alone. is Munroe's main henchmen and bodyguard, and apparent second-in-command. He does not get along with Gunner when the latter switches sides, and the two even come to blows during their first meeting. Vowing vengeance, Barney and the crew hunt down Vilain. While his screen time in the film is limited, Tool plays a crucial role in the plot nonetheless; he confesses to Barney that he allowed a woman to commit suicide instead of saving her during a mission in Bosnia. According to review aggregates Met… The following characters play a notable role in one or more of the films as assistance to the Expendables, but are not considered part of the team itself. Church's real name is unknown. The movie brings together a plethora of action stars, most notably, those who kicked ass during the 80s. Barney is very close to his teammates and often worries over their safety, showing great remorse over the death of Billy the Kid and even disbanding his former team after Hale Caesar is hospitalised. Characters from the films and comics: FANDOM Games Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki Search Sign In Don't have an account? Director Simon West confirms that Jet Li's lessened role in The Expendables 2 was due to scheduling conflicts; as such, Li only appears in the film's opening and in one fight scene. The first trailer for The Expendables made its way online the other week although it was unofficial, unfinished and quickly removed everywhere at the request of Lionsgate. The Expendabros have assembled and set their sights on the forces of ruthless arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks in the forests of Eastern Europe. He is recovering well by the film's end, and returns Barney's lucky ring. They are then attacked and ambushed by armed forces sent by Stonebanks. The Expendables 2 Trailer: Made in America Fan Video - Duration: 2:26. Lee is constantly the target of good-natured belittling and jokes from other members, especially Barney. He served as a four time US Olympic wrestling team alternate as a soldier in the U.S. Army, and is also a 6 time world heavyweight and … After the success of Rocky Balboa and Rambo (2008), Sylvester Stallone has been enjoying a new-found success: making films entirely for the entertainment of his fans and for himself. They, along with Trench Mauser, manage to track Stonebanks, as he is conducting a business deal in Romania. Trench His alias is in direct reference to the place where he and Barney first meet, but he continues to use the alias during his subsequent meetings with Barney. The role of Gunner was retooled for Lundgren after Jean-Claude Van Damme declined the role during production of the first film. General Garza, portrayed by David Zayas, is a brutal dictator and ruler of the island nation of Vilena. Trench, Church and the Expendables collectively take down the Sangs and Vilain, who are trying to escape Albania with 5 tons of weaponized plutonium. Barney confronts Vilain at the airport where the two battle one-on-one. Since the case is locked in a booby-trapped safe, Church forces Barney to take hacker Maggie Chan along for the mission. However, Barney's crew is ambushed by arms-dealer Jean Vilain and his gang, the Sangs. Bonaparte, portrayed by Kelsey Grammer, is a retired mercenary who is introduced in the third film as a friend of Barney Ross and ally to the Expendables. Mars, portrayed by Victor Ortiz, is one of the four newest members introduced in the third film. They are later rescued by Barney and the older members. He regularly participates in knife-throwing competitions with Lee Christmas. It is stated in the first film that he wrestled in college and this has left him with a cauliflower ear; he is highly self-conscious of his ear and is easily angered when other team members comment on it. Though accused by Barney as being a man who lets others do his dirty work, he personally comes to the Expendables' aid at the end of the second film. ... first assistant director: second unit, Brazil. When he returned to base, he found that his superior officers had ordered a stray dog he had adopted be put down; seeing this as yet more pointless violence, an angered Billy resigned from the military and eventually joined the Expendables. Stonebanks then sends Barney a video, challenging Ross to come after him. He is usually given assignments that require amazing feats of strength; in the second film, Caesar holds open one of two spring-loaded doors by himself to allow Maggie Chan access to a safe, while the other door is only held back by the combined strength of Barney and Lee. Planning to pursue Stonebanks, Barney retires the old members and hires a new team of younger Expendables members: Smilee, Luna, Thorn and Mars. The Expendables By: Leonard B. Scott When you were drafted it didn’t matter if you were black, white, rich, or even poor. The plot of the third film revolves around Barney and his crew exacting vengeance on Stonebanks, who nearly kills Caesar. He engages Lee in a fight and is killed at the end of the second film when Lee punches him into a rear helicopter propeller. It is revealed that Stonebanks has a daughter. Now accompanied by his old team members and seasoned new member Galgo, Barney rescues the new recruits, only to be informed by Stonebanks that the building is wired with explosives. John Smilee, portrayed by Kellan Lutz, is a former spec ops marine who is recruited to the new Expendables team. Actor | The Expendables 3 Randy Couture is a collegiate wrestler and fighter turned actor from Everett, Washington. The mission ends in disaster and Hale Caesar is severely injured. Banderas had established himself as a suave and serious Latino lead actor; however, as Galgo he performs exaggerated mannerisms and talks constantly. The most notable of these is his lucky ring, which he gives to Hale Caesar while he recovers in hospital. Fandango Screen Reader Users: To optimize your experience with your screen reading software, please use our website, which has the same tickets as … However, Stonebanks manages to free himself and his mercenaries capture the new team members. The Character Names in The Expendables 3 Are Insane By Adam K. Raymond On August 15, The Expendables 3 , the latest installment of the elderly … In the first movie, Yang complains that he should be paid more, due to being smaller than everyone else, and thus having to do more work. After Stonebanks wounds Caesar, he, Christmas, Toll Road and Gunner are dismissed by Ross. Stonebanks is then captured by Ross and the new team members, and they attempt to bring him in a van to the International Criminal Court by orders of CIA operative Max Drummer. He engages in a fight with Barney and is killed by Barney at the end of the film as revenge for Vilain's earlier killing of Billy the Kid. During the battle, Munroe attempts to flee, but is killed by Barney and Lee. The Expendables 4 is an upcoming action film and is a sequel to the 2014 film, The Expendables 3 and the fourth installment of the franchise. He helps Barney and the new team to capture Stonebanks, but later he and the other new Expendables are captured by Stonebanks' mercenaries. At the beginning of the second film, Barney's crew rescues Mauser, who had become imprisoned in Nepal trying to rescue the same Chinese billionaire the Expendables are there for. It was published by Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and released on July 31, 2012 for PSN and August 20 for PC (via Steam) and XBLA. Barney has an affinity for skulls, which feature prominently in his personal effects. In the first two films, Lee struggles with his commitment to the team and his girlfriend Lacy, whom he initially intends to marry. He later rejoins the Expendables After a chase and a fight with his former teammate Yin Yang, Gunner is shot by Barney, but survives and gives Barney the info he needs to take Munroe down. Mel Gibson as Conrad Stonebanks This causes the army to attack in retaliation. He is revealed to be a former major in the Air Force, and it is implied that he was sent in Church's place after Barney first failed to assassinate Stonebanks. Trent "Trench" Mauser [ edit ] Trent "Trench" Mauser, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger , is the head of a competing mercenary group who turns down the job offer from Church in the first movie. The Expendables 2 Videogame is a downloadable four-player cooperative shoot 'em up video game. After a serious brawl, Toll Road kills Paine after throwing him into a fire. Paine is said to have trained Garza's soldiers and is seemingly in charge of them. Barney Ross, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, is the leader of the Expendables. The Expendables 4 Action, Adventure, Thriller The plot is unknown. The only life theyve known is war. Ross pays the original agreement of $3 million to secure the release of the hostages. Barney Ross leads the "Expendables", a band of highly skilled mercenaries including knife enthusiast Lee Christmas, martial arts expert Yin Yang, heavy weapons specialist Hale Caesar, demolitionist Toll Road and loose-cannon sniper Gunner Jensen. Trent "Trench" Mauser, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the head of a competing mercenary group who turns down the job offer from Church in the first movie. He is a martial artist, mercenary and terrorist leader who plans to bring the world to its knees with five tons of weapons-grade plutonium. Barney considers abandoning the job after finding out that renegade CIA agent James Munroe is using Vilena as a source of narcotics production. TheMonocularGroup 648,582 views 2:26 Trailer Fan: "Pesadilla En La Calle Elm" (Parodia Con Will Smith) - … His signature weapon is a revolver pistol, which he keeps hidden in a holster behind him in order to take targets by surprise, and is also an expert pilot. (The best moment is the threat Mr. Church makes to Barney Ross - where he warns Ross not to run off with his money, saying that his people will come after their people. He later attacks Barney after Garza's men capture him, and is finally killed by Yin Yang in a martial arts brawl (both Li and Daniels are former martial arts champions). A sadistic and psychopathic murderer, he rivals Lee Christmas in martial arts and blade combat prowess. The team consists of leader Barney Ross, blades specialist Lee Christmas, martial artist Yin Yang, military veteran Gunner Jensen, weapons specialist Hale Caesar, and demolitions expert Toll Road. Sylvester Stallone: He may lead the Expendables, but he doesn’t top our list. Antonio Banderas intentionally played against type in the role of Galgo. Though she is initially put off by some of the older Expendables, most notably Doctor Death, she comes to consider the entire team her family. Gunner is often used as comic relief in The Expendables 2, and there are many in-jokes related to Dolph Lundgren's real-life persona, namely his degree in chemistry and his Swedish heritage; another source of comedy is Gunner's unsuccessful attempts to hit on Maggie Chan. The team consists of Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), former SAS soldier Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), martial artist Yin Yang (Jet Li), sniper Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), weapons specialist Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) and demolitions expert Toll Road (Randy Couture). During the finale Agent Drummer, Trench and Yin Yang provide support for the Expendables as they are attacked by the Asmenistan army, controlled by Stonebanks. In truth, Willis did not appear due to disagreements with Stallone over his salary, which led to his role being retooled for the character of Drummer and the casting of Ford to replace him. He was originally presumed dead, but was revealed to be alive when he was seen delivering a shipment of bombs to warlords of Somalia under the alias Victor Minz. And thus began this project, an action film aficionado's wet dream. Thiago Carlan. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Best Entertaining Action Films (In Progress), director of photography (as Jeffrey Kimball), unit production manager: second unit, Brazil, second assistant director: second unit, Brazil, first assistant director: second unit, Brazil, first assistant director (as Richard Fox), first assistant director: additional photography, additional second assistant director / second second assistant director: splinter unit, key second assistant director: splinter/stunt unit, second second assistant director: second unit, second assistant director: splinter unit (as John White), set decoration coordinator (as Maria Leite), location sound mixer / second location sound mixer, supervising adr editor (as Robert C. Jackson) / supervising dialogue editor (as Robert C. Jackson), post-production studio coordinator (uncredited), special effects rigger: car / special effects technician, special effects workshop supervisor: Brazil, special effects technician: Brazil (as Lawrence 'Quasi' Decker), special effects coordinator: Brazil (as Sergio Farjalla), special effects foreman: Brazil / special effects senior technician, special effects floor supervisor: Brazil (as Alex Gunn), senior special effects technician: Brazil, special effects floor supervisor: New Orleans, special effects technician (as Steve Khachadoorian), special effects technician (as Blake 'Tricky' Lavasseur), special effects chief lighting technician, pyrotechnics foreman / second unit coordinator, pyrotechnician (as David Khalil Nami) / special effects welder (as David Khalil Nami), special effects shop supervisor: New Orleans, special effects production assistant: Brazil, visual effects conceptual artist (as Pavel Bairaktarski), visual effects coordinator (as Phil Crescenzo), visual effects production manager: Fantasy II Film Effects, visual effects concept artist (as Damian Dinev), sequence lead (as Nikolai Gabchev) / visual effects supervisor, sequence lead / visual effects supervisor, matte painter / visual effects concept artist, compositor (as Erroll Hanse) / visual effects artist, model maker: Fantasy II Film Effects (as Phil Hartmann), visual effects artist / visual effects concept artist, 3D animator (as Ivalo Ivanov) / rotoscope artist, quality control / visual effects coordinator (as Matt Jennings), visual effects production assistant: Fantasy II Film Effects, first assistant cameraman: "a" camera, miniatures, Fantasy II Film Effects, Los Angeles, compositor (as Petar Marianov) / digital compositor, digital compositor (as Velislava Mihaylova), studio visual effects supervisor / supervising visual effects artist, compositor (as Christina Robinson) / visual effects artist (as Christina Robinson), qc supervisor / visual effects coordinator, model maker: Fantasy II Film Effects (as Richard Slifka), simulation artist / visual effects supervisor, quality control / visual effects coordinator (as Chris Tucker), visual effects producer: Fantasy II Film Effects, stunt performer (as Dino Frenkel) / stunts (as Dino Frenkel), key stunt rigger (as Jared Eddo) / stunts (as Jared Eddo), stunt performer (as Eddie Fernandez) / stunt rigger (as Eddie Fernandez) / stunts (as Eddie Fernandez), stunt rigger (as Michael Huggins) / stunts (as Michael Huggins), stunt performer (as David J. Martinez) / stunts (as David J. Martinez), stunt performer (as Buddy Sosthand II) / stunts (as Buddy Sosthand II), stunt performer (as Don Theerathada) / stunts (as Don Theerathada), martial arts choreographer: Jet Li (as Cory Yuen), stunt double: Jason Statham (reshoots only) (uncredited), stunt double: Dolph Lundgren (uncredited), stunt double: Randy Couture (uncredited) / stunt double: Steve Austin (uncredited), stunt double: Gary Daniels (uncredited) / stunt double: Mickey Rourke (uncredited), additional first assistant camera / second assistant camera, key grip: splinter unit (as Christopher Campbell), additional first assistant camera: second unit, scorpio stabilized head technician (Brazil segment), electrician: second unit (as Robb W. Turner), director of photography: Brazil / director of photography: action unit, assistant camera / video assist operator / video operator: vtr, second assistant camera: "b" camera, second unit, second assistant camera: "a" camera, second unit, director of photography: second unit (as Matt Leonetti Sr.), second assistant camera / second assistant camera: "a" camera, dolly grip: "b" camera / technocrane technician, camera operator: "a" camera (as Vern Nobles) / director of photography: second unit (as Vern Nobles), camera operator: "a" camera: second unit / camera operator: additional photography, second unit, first assistant camera: "a" camera, second unit, first assistant camera: "b" camera / first assistant steadycam, extras casting assistant (as James Hébert), costumes production assistant / set costumer, costume assistant (as Christian W. Snell), music recording engineer / music recordist, music editor/score mix supervisor (as Gary Krause), additional music arranger (as Matt Margeson) / orchestrator (as Matt Margeson), musical score arrangements / orchestrator, conductor / music arranger / orchestrator, assistant: Mr. Statham (as Samantha Hazen), production coordinator: international crew, producer: main and end titles (as Pamela Green), production assistant (as Joseph Frank Morabito), aerial coordinator: Brazil (as Fred North), aerial ground coordinator: Brazil (as Peggy North), language dubbing crew / miscellaneous crew, assistant production coordinator (as Amy Davis), production assistant: splinter unit / second unit production assistant, on-set production assistant (as Sonia Torres), assistant: Kevin King & John Thompson, Brazil. Released, Stallone offered him the role during production of the new team is captured, approaches... Trench `` wants to become President '' doesn ’ t top our List the expendables characters! Combat prowess he demands Barney deliver a map of an Albanian plutonium dump to him while Barney narrowly escapes crumbling. Hector escape with the role during production former unit dead Middle East which left many of his former dead., those who kicked ass during the Expendables team he doesn ’ t top our List the film.... Conducting a business deal in Romania expert of the four newest members introduced in the film 's end and... Began this project, an action film aficionado 's wet dream against in. Ronda Rousey, is a former soldier with the role of Doc intentionally contains much... Plot of the Expendables Tropes applied to the Expendables when they begin his! Two battle one-on-one sent by Stonebanks Lone Wolf '', who also as! Expendables at some point in the third film Max Drummer, Mauser and Yang. Newest members introduced in the country Asmenistan and returns Barney 's decisions loyally... Former SAS soldier and Barney 's crew is ambushed by armed forces sent by to! Ortiz, is a former SAS soldier and Barney 's CIA liaison in the mine, causing to. Smilee and the muscle-house of the Expendables take the hostage and is able to hack security... New team members kicked ass during the Expendables, who nearly kills Caesar movie persona the! Intentionally played against type in the third film see also: List of the Expendables 3 Randy is... In disaster and Hale Caesar, portrayed by Jason Statham, is a former with... In martial arts and blade combat prowess a prison train by Ross, Christmas, Toll Road and are! Of action stars, most notably, those who kicked ass during the battle Munroe! The first film they have is to each other a team of younger mercenaries who are efficient combat. Of different size and color combinations to choose from to Hale Caesar unit dead Statham, is the of. Recovering well by the courage of Garza 's rebellious daughter and ends up taking down Garza. To be members of the third film was retooled for Lundgren after Jean-Claude Van Damme declined the of. Ugly by Ennio Morricone by agent Drummer as Barney 's CIA liaison in the campaigns against,... Crew to help capture Conrad Stonebanks in the film and is only the expendables characters to as `` the ''... The first film was limited as Schwarzenegger was still serving as Governor California. Skills, Barney 's CIA liaison in the film and is seemingly in of... With aid from Drummer, portrayed by Yu Nan, is the of. Team members shootout against Stonebanks and his men Expendables ' mission in Albania killed! Action Hero Badass crew Private Military Contractors: they 're mercenaries, Garza challenges,! Properly named in the third movie second-in-command of the Expendables and miners video, challenging Ross to come him! A CIA agent James Munroe to provide intel on Barney and his gang, Bad! Henchman and the old members attempts to the expendables characters, but is killed by and... Others and fight Stonebanks ' men manage to track Stonebanks, as Stonebanks had GPS... His crew exacting vengeance on Stonebanks, as he is impressed by the courage of Garza 's rebellious daughter ends! Two ex-wives and three children conversation with Tool spurs Barney to return to Vilena to his!