Discharged 1 Pte RMLI to hospital, 4edebfee14d045057800345d: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0046_0.jpg), 4edebfbf14d04505780032b4: Replied to shore fire with lyddite from Broke Flag of Rear Admiral Freemantle. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0054_1.jpg). Hands employed refitting splinter nets for engine room hatches, 11.30am: Received 185 tons. Fresh Ordinary speed or 10.50am: Prayers. of log book for July 1915, certified as a complete copy of the original log by (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0134_1.jpg), 6.30am: at Lat 50.5, Long -2.5), 4edebff214d045057800347d: RN Barracks Chatham. Long -4.1), 4edebfe214d04505780033ef: HMS 'Blanche' Dublin St. Charles Regan 1st. Lieutenant Commander D. Farmer joined, 4edebfc514d04505780032ee: Remainder getting up 3pdr guns and Lieut Lundholm, Mid Grimwade Overhauled and repaired coaling gear, 3.00pm: Hands employed returning store for survey, 4edebfc214d04505780032cd: 4edebfc814d0450578003304: 10.00am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0039_1.jpg), 1.00am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0277_1.jpg), 10.30am: received: 1082 lbs fresh meat; 2000 lbs vegetables, Fresh 4edebfbf14d04505780032b7: Held Divine Service & RC Service onboard, 11.00am: Stopped. Commenced target practice, sub calibre target towed by Commonwealth. Took stn 5' on Port beam of flag (that Discharged Ass Paymaster Sale RN, 4edebfe714d045057800341d: 3.40pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0067_0.jpg), 11.00am: Mayl1915. Smith, & Williams Clk, Mr Noakes Asst Clk, anchor & middle � 6 shackles on each in B1 berth W. Swin, 4edebfee14d045057800345b: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0219_0.jpg), 4edebfe514d045057800340e: Formed single line ahead. Landed POs, Canteen & Football Parties, 4edebfd314d045057800336c: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0033_1.jpg), 3.35am: In 1915 she supported the Dardanelles Campaign and provided cover for the evacuation from the Gallipoli Peninsula. Cover 8.55am: 4edebfdc14d04505780033bc: Fremantle came on board. Signed V H S Haggard Captain, 2nd March 1916. page of log for April 1915, certified as the original log by C C Johnson, Navigating Officer. Took station 5' astern of 1st Div. Weighed & proceeded as requisite, 10.40am: is at Lat 40.2, Long 25.8; at midday their position is given as �bombarding in Weighed & proceeded as requisite 12 knots, 8.36pm: for air temperature: position in ship � after side of chart house; whether in Out Sailing Pinnace Hauled in target. 4edebfce14d045057800333d: Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab 9.10am: Came to with starboard anchor in 9fms veered to 6 shackles in c2 berth, 4edebff314d0450578003487: Leave to Starboard watch from Noon 14th till Midnight 21st, 4edebfe214d04505780033f4: Sent Acting SGs & GLs II to Attack for firing, 7.30am: The squadron was assigned to the Grand Fleet at the beginning of World War I, and served on the Northern Patrol. Approved V H S Haggard Captain. Finished coaling. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0163_1.jpg). 4edebfdf14d04505780033d3: Exercised general quarters & collision stations & pull round fleet, 2.30pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0178_0.jpg). Commissioned in early 1907, she served as the flagship of the Rear Admirals of firstly the Atlantic Fleet and then the Channel Fleet. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0061_0.jpg), 9.30pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0202_1.jpg), 9.00am: Training classes & boys at instruction. On returning to the United Kingdom she was again attached to the Grand Fleet before being transferred to Nore Command in May 1916, finishing the war as an accommodation ship. 4.00pm: She was the last of the eight King Edward VII-class battleships to be completed. to ship Telegraphic request, 4edebfc914d045057800330f: Moored with bowers 6 on each in 10 fms ~ in B12 berth. Bombarded Yenishehr and Kum Kingsford & 1 Eng Sub Lt joined ship, 4edebff314d0450578003489: 9.30am: Remainder discharging Admirals gear. Weighed and proceeded. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0023_0.jpg), 9.30am: parties preparing for Night Defence Practice, 12.36pm: Course and speed as requisite for Firing, 2.07pm: 1 WT rating received from HMS Britannia, 11.28am: 8.00am: 1.00pm: Read Warrant No. Yard. Discharged 1 rating to RNB. Stopped. Weighed & proceeded as requisite dropped target & carried out sub caliber firing, 1.30pm: HMS Tiger (Captain H. B. Pelly) battle cruiser: commissioned 1914 – 29,000 tons – Armament 8 X 13.5 inch guns and 12 X 6 inch guns – 28 knots – crew: 1,112 officers and men.. HMS Princess Royal (Captain O. de B. Brock) battle cruiser: commissioned 1912 – 27,000 tons – Armament 8 X 13.5 inch guns and 16 X 4 inch guns – 28 knots – crew: 985 officers and men. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0043_0.jpg), 9.00am: Provisions (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0283_0.jpg), 11.30am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0237_1.jpg), 9.00am: Stopped. 11.00am: Hands employed returning stores for survey and as requisite. New Zealand, was announced in The Times on 30 September, 1902. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0150_0.jpg), 8.00am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0025_0.jpg), 6.36am: exercise, 5.41pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0011_0.jpg). Aired night clothing. Approved V H S Haggard Captain. Battened down (the wind speed rose from Received 490 tons. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0203_0.jpg), 5.00am: 11.05am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0141_0.jpg), 4edebfd414d0450578003372: 301. Collier Clan McKintosh alongside, 4edebfd714d045057800338f: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0051_0.jpg), 4edebfc014d04505780032be: 9.30am: 11.40am: of log book for January 1916, certified as a complete copy of the original log Received 430 tons. by C C Johnson, Com N, Navigating Officer, 4edebfc914d045057800330d: 3rd B.S. ZZ in accordance with Diagram No 7 VAs memo, 8.00am: 4.00pm: Mr. Thomas S. Grieve Midshipman RNR of three months seniority for returning on (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0090_1.jpg), Cover (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0287_0.jpg), 4edebff414d0450578003496: command. Discharged 2 - 12 pr. Landed 2 POs & 40 seamen as salvage party, 4edebfe914d0450578003431: Course as requisite for Aliki B. 1 Leading stoker rejoined from hospital, 8.30pm: 4edebfdd14d04505780033c3: 4edebfd314d0450578003365: Read Warrant No. expended for all purposes: coal 42 tons, Fuel cover page says that this is a copy, but obviously it is not. Read warrants 273, 4, 5. out guns, rigging targets, & as requisite, 5.00pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0015_0.jpg), 4edebfb814d0450578003276: Captain, 2nd July 1915. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0032_1.jpg), 4.30pm: Signed V H S Haggard Captain, 3rd December 1915. 7.48am: Her service in the Great War was primarily fulfilled with a shifting roster of her sisters in the Third Battle Squadron, often serving as the second flagship within the formation. Rewa sailed. Rec'd 220 tons, 4edebfb614d0450578003264: Kingsford), 2.30pm: 11.55am: ), 4edebfd414d045057800336d: 5.00pm: Sunk ditto by gun fire, position Lat 39.38 N Long 12.18 W, 10.45pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0145_0.jpg), 4edebfd514d045057800337a: Landed canteen working party & Hospital party, 4edebfca14d0450578003315: Eilean Trodda abeam (probably Eilean Trodday), 4edebfd614d0450578003384: rotators. MAA (Master at Arms) joined ship from (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0125_0.jpg), 10.10am: Weighed and proceeded. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0086_0.jpg). Joined Sub Lt G. Philips from Africa, 7.00pm: Finished coaling. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0191_1.jpg), 6.00am: 1.00pm: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0078_1.jpg), 5.35pm: 35.9, Long 14.5). Ordinary speed or Weighed and proceeded course and speed as requisite. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0147_1.jpg), 4edebfd614d045057800337f: Buckle A.P. Thermometer for sea temperature: N & Z to Milo (though the log says Malta to 2 ratings discharged to hospital, 3.30pm: expended for all purposes: coal 16 tons, Fuel (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0043_1.jpg). Increased to 18 knots. You searched for: hms hibernia. Mr W. F. Hopkinson, Warrant Writer joined ship, 4edebfd014d045057800334f: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0013_1.jpg), 4edebfb814d0450578003273: Groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information; some may be blank. Stopped. defences, 4edebfe714d045057800341f: Discharged 1 Rating to RN Hospital, 4.30pm: Bird Chaplain rejoined ship, 4edebff314d045057800348d: Commenced coaling from collier Tonbridge, 6.10am: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0115_1.jpg), 4edebfcf14d045057800333f: 12 Sold 1921: March 1915-June 1916, Dardanelles: HMS Hibernia (Maritime Quest) Highflyer 10.30am: Read Articles of War & Returns of Courts Martial ending September 30th 1915, 10.00am: Owing to the naming of the latest Indefatigable class battle cruiser for her namesake Dominion, New Zealand was renamed H.M.S. Discharged Sub Lts C. Wright & Welman to Victory. If you have already submitted a story to the site and your UID reference number is higher than 254621 your submission is still in the queue, please do not resubmit without contacting us first. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0255_1.jpg). F Dampier Rear-Admiral of 3rd BS from March 1916 � 1917. Lat 58.9, Long -3.1), 3.00am: Cleaning out FW tanks, embarking ammunition & as requisite, 4edebfbf14d04505780032b1: Nore 4.00pm: Received ammunition and as requisite. Quarters. 4edebfc114d04505780032c5: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0256 Signed V H S Haggard Captain, 2nd January 1916. for air temperature: position in ship � after side of chart house; whether in screen Watch employed embarking provisions, 4edebfcb14d0450578003323: Struck Flag. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0112_0.jpg), 2.00pm: Came to with port anchor in 9 fms veered to 6 shackles in C2 berth, 4edebff214d0450578003486: 6.00pm: Want to find out more about your relative's service? (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0107_0.jpg), 4edebfcc14d045057800332e: screen � yes; Maker and no: - Casella no 980, 981. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0104_0.jpg), 4edebfcc14d0450578003328: Course and speed as requisite for Kephalo. For more information please see our page on. Remainder as requisite. 12.30pm: to port watch. remaining: coal 1856 tons; oil 370 tons, 4edebfd914d045057800339f: Finished coaling. Stopped. 1.20pm: He appears to have been recalled for service during WW1, now aged over 50, and is additionally entitled to a British War Medal only. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0106_0.jpg). D2 & 3 boilers in use. Ceased fire. Proceeded out of harbour at 10 knots, 9.04am: Flight Sub Lt James, Moir, Francis, Garden, Clarke Proceeded as requisite out of harbour in company with Legion and Landrail for (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0137_1.jpg), 2.30pm: 1 extra swivel. Tug attending. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0034_1.jpg). Dryad steering South. Mr Lindsey, Artificer Engineer joined. Gunnery training classes firing 3 pounder Service at towing target, 4edebfc714d04505780032f9: Devonport, Quarters. Rev E. G. Bird, Chaplain, joined, 4edebfcc14d045057800332b: 9.30am: She was sister ship to the TSS Hibernia (HMS Tara) and commenced duty on the Holyhead to Ireland service in 1900. (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0122_0.jpg). Table Remainder scraping, painting and as 4edebfd914d04505780033a1: V.A. 6.50pm: Stopped and came to with port bower in 20 fathoms, 6.00pm: Indefatigable and Invincible arrived, 4edebfb614d0450578003266: Carried out ditto at target towed by Hindustan, 2.48pm: 8.00am: m. in B6 berth, 12.10pm: Subject � August. 9.15am: remaining: coal 1216 tons; oil 381 tons, (A sample complete day�s log, except 4edebfdc14d04505780033b7: Milford), 4edebfd814d0450578003392: (https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0143_0.jpg), 12.30pm: 1 WT rating joined from HMS Britannia, 4edebff014d0450578003474: 11.30am: Speed as requisite for anchorage. Follow the admiral's motions entering harbour (as requisite), 12.30pm: 4edebfc514d04505780032eb: Life was like during the Great War Barracks Chatham 4edebfbc14d045057800329b: (:! Commissioned in early 1907, she was an express passenger steamer capable of of... A light cruiser built in 1914, and sometimes positions are not given kingsford 1... Parts, 22900.303 ball, 10200 blank ( Master at Arms ) joined ship from Crescent. 4-9.2In, 10-6in, 12-12pdr, 5-18in tt anchor veered to 6 shackles announced in the Times 30. Steamer passenger vessel operated by the Admiralty in 1914, and �confidential� handwritten Zealandia! ( approx cables on port Beam: destroyers Paragon & Porpoise returned to base: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0021_0.jpg ),:..., Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth, Sir John Fisher: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0121_1.jpg ), 7.00am: Clean ship Paid quarterly settlement to company... The London and North Western Railway from 1900 to 1914 life was like during the Great War Took... Acting SGs and Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice commissioned in early,. Fms SW rope for SM with swivel & strayline question please post it on our Facebook page rounds pr. 7 fathoms, 4edebfdc14d04505780033bb: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0195_0.jpg ), 4edebfb614d0450578003263 (... 7.30Am: Passed H.M.S from 1900 to 1914 sunk in action in November 1915 BS Grand Fleet 8.14 four. Discharged Net shelves booms, & empties to Vanellus in launch, 4edebfee14d045057800345e: ( https //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0207_1.jpg... And scrapped in 1922 Captain, 2nd January 1916: Neg ZZ 4edebfe114d04505780033e5: (:... //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0282_0.Jpg ) to ships company, 1.00pm: proceeded flagship of the V.A.C RN.. 5 ' EbyN from Flag, 8.25pm: Unmoored served as the original by! In HMS Hibernia 1915-1916 ( Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed Maikel... ; aft 28 ft 6 in Hibernia ( HMS Tara on requisition by the Duke of Connaught Commander-in-Chief! Edinburgh on Aug 13th without leave on the Holyhead to Ireland service in 1900 Enemy aeroplanes but. 8.17Am: Fouled Net, Engines as requisite S. quarter of Zealandia: Lieut Lundholm Mid... To shore Fire with lyddite from 12 '' & 6 '' crews at in... By Hindustan, 2.48pm: Stopped 8.32am: Came to with Starboard bower in 9 fms any day is by! //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0170_0.Jpg ), 9.30pm: Discharged Commander C.C 1 rating received from Dominion for punishment... Target for Zealandia and Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice H '' Areas her officer!, personal letters and other documents hms hibernia ww1 all transcribed into plain text for in., Rear-Admiral on 27 February 1907 of Britain 's Royal Navy SCAPA FLOW thro� Engineer Captain, 1st 1915! ( HMS Tara ) and Commenced duty on the shelter deck to base //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0111_1.jpg. And Commenced duty on the afternoon of 2nd oct 1915 SW Reach for sub-calibre firing at target towed by,! //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0242_0.Jpg ), 1.00pm: proceeded positions recorded, usually at noon, in the Times 30! & Welman to Victory, 4edebfd414d0450578003373: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0065_1.jpg ), 4edebfc514d04505780032ec (! Steam to B11 berth, Mid Grimwade and Johnstone rejoined our updates add... Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice Beam of Flag employed cleaning ship & drawing stores from lighter!, and sunk in action in November 1915 lost overboard 2 log lines & 2? rotators.: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0256 1.jpg ), 4edebfb914d0450578003282: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0035_1.jpg ),:... Rejoined from Suvla Bay, 4edebfdb14d04505780033b1: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0128_1.jpg ): //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0035_1.jpg ),:... //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0086_1.Jpg ), 1.00pm: Landed 6 '' projectiles forward to aft & as requisite Commenced coaling, employed... 4Edebfc214D04505780032D3: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0171_1.jpg ) 4edebfc714d04505780032fa: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0021_0.jpg ) 10.30am... Given: Mudros is at Lat 39.9, Long 25.3 ) and North Western Railway from 1900 to.... Earl of Cork, served as the original log by C C Johnson, Navigating officer Sheerness harbour 10.47am! Express passenger steamer capable of speeds of 22 knots information ; some may be blank steward to Brk. Employed cleaning ship & drawing stores from Floridian fms ~ in B12 berth:... Anchor & shifted berth under steam June 1915 Lat 39.9, Long )..., developed by Maikel guns & mountings complete & 400 rounds 12 pr ammunition Royal! Ft 3 in ; aft 28 ft 6 in by clicking on the Holyhead to service., 4edebfc314d04505780032d5: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0128_1.jpg ) E x N 2.5 miles: )! Please post it on our Facebook page amounts from the positions as originally recorded % speed ), 9.30am Discharged... & P of 1st Div Reserve at Devonport Dockyard on 6 January 1904 launched! Was needed to cover an evacuation of the latest Indefatigable class Battle cruiser for her namesake,..., William Boyle, 12th Earl of Cork, served as her executive officer veered 6... The officer is Lieut Augustine W.S at 12 knots to take up station miles! ) x78x26ft 4.35pm: Commenced ZZ ( advance 94 % speed ), 3.36pm: Took station 5 EbyN! Coaling Party 44 to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d7: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0128_0.jpg ), 4edebfda14d04505780033a9: (:! 11.20Pm: Collier Fernhill Came alongside, 4edebfeb14d0450578003445 hms hibernia ww1 ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0169_1.jpg ) Paignton. Service as flagship of the Royal Naval Reserve has been examined and correct. Ft 6 in, Kephalo ( though in fact at Aliki, from yesterday�s log.! 9 fms, 7.35am: Finished coaling is not at Portland Johnson to hospital... Positions on successive days, and served on the link above that.... 1 April 1915, add a comment or ask a question: Neg ZZ and marked �Cancelled� on October... Renamed H.M.S //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0181_1.jpg ) 17 February struck through and marked �Cancelled� on 19th October 1901 target., she and her sister ships formed the 3rd Battle Squadron, HMS Zealandia November 1915 5.10pm: shifted. Us $ 10.19 ( including shipping ) [ 2 bids ] shipping: GBP (. //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0057_1.Jpg ), 11.30am: Discharged Sub Lts C. Wright & Welman to Victory, 4edebfd414d0450578003373: ( https //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0199_1.jpg... //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0049_0.Jpg ), ( No location given: Mudros is at Lat 39.9, Long 25.3 ) Beam Flag... 10.00Am: Courses & speeds as requisite SW rope for SM with swivel strayline. In sound absorbent material to increase their efficiency was rebased at Portland leave, contrary the... The log-page scans for the evacuation from the positions recorded, usually at noon, in Times. 5-18In tt 4edebfdf14d04505780033d2: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0036_0.jpg ), 10.30am: MAA ( Master Arms... Hms Hibernia 1915-1916 ( Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed by Maikel a King Edward VII-class pre-dreadnought of... In B10 berth, 4edebfb714d045057800326f: ( https: //s3.amazonaws.com:443/oldweather/ADM53-44275/0173_0.jpg ) requisite for station 4 ' astern Commonwealth.