If you are attempting it during the winter, there may be snowfall here as well. The trail is not just a back-country track, it connects town and country and provides those who walk the track with a wide variety of New Zealand experiences. Once you eventually reach Te Paki Stream, walk the sandy beach to Ahipara, leaving the water behind at Kaka Street boat ramp and heading into Ahipara village. 2 Line Road, which can be accessed by walking up Portal Street, climbing the Durie Hill (355 steps) or the easiest options, taking the Durie Hill Elevator for $2. Find your way to Great South Road, which you’ll follow for 3.7km to the roundabout in Drury, turning left onto Waihoehoe Road and over the Main trunk Railway. 14. Eventually you will reach the beach town of Koitiata. I started the trail on 14th October 2017 and finished on 02nd March 2018. From here, the trail is easy to follow all the way to Landing Road, where you can visit New Zealand’s oldest house, Kemp House (1821-22) and the world-renowned Stone Store (1832-36) on the Kerikeri Basin. This section requires multiple bay crossings and careful consideration needs to be given to low tide times. This breathtaking coastal track connects Colac Bay with Riverton, winding past the coast for most of the way. Follow the trail from Waikanae Bridge for a level 22.0km walk, spotting Kāpiti Island in full view from the beach and stopping in at the hip cafes in Paraparaumu, Raumati and Paekākāriki. This trail passes through both Ruataniwha and Ahuriri Conservation Park. Each trail guide maps and lists important hiker waypoints such as water sources, tenting sites, junctions, road crossings, resupply information, and many others. You can store the series via Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and just download the current maps into your phone. Once you reach Mangawhai Village, turn right onto Moir Street, finding your way to Black Swamp Road. There are unfortunately no showers here and only drop toilets (bring your own toilet paper! Koitiata to Whanganui City Bridge: 7 hrs, 29.5 km (maps 62, 61) The new route from 2019-20 is to ford the Turakina River at Koitiata. Note: From here, to get from the North Island to the South Island, you’ll need to hop on the Interislander Ferry. Your Gear List Must Include Flexibility And Patience. This section of trail crosses spectacular volcanic terrain, passing unique volcano alpine formations, like glacier valleys, crater lakes, steaming vents and ancient lava flows. The start of this section follows the trail through exposed shrubland, but quickly turns into the lower Taranaki Falls Track about 20 minutes before reaching Whakapapa village. She was in reasonable health for most of her illness and we travelled when her treatment allowed. It is an astonishing route of 3,000 km across the country stretching from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Once you reach the West Coast section of Harper Pass, you’ll have to attempt multiple river crossings over Taramakau and Otehake Rivers. The Te Araroa Trust was founded in 1994 to revisit the original idea, and it is working with local organisations and land owners to incorporate existing tracks and establish new tracks as needed. We recommend refilling your water jug with about 2-3 litres of water for the day and always remember your water purification tablets. Trail karma will come back to kick you in the ass if you don’t. New Zealand’s long-distance hiking trail, the Te Araroa, connects the North Island and South Island by way of spectacular parks and reserves. Jaunt through a pine forest. 3000 km • New Zealand. Hooray, you’ve finally made it to the last section of the Te Araroa trail! The Far North is a remote region with long, lonely stretches of sand, forests of dense bush, steep hills and fast-rising rivers. Tramping the full length of the trail generally takes three to six months. Pass over a footbridge, leaving the stream and head onto McLaughlins Road. Set out from the Puketī Recreation Centre, crossing into farmland territory. This section can be blocked with snow and there is an avalanche risk during winter and spring seasons. Trail registration; Walking the whole trail; Alerts and trail status; Maps and notes download; Te Araroa App; Safety; Biosecurity; The Trail Pledge; The trail . Proceed with extreme caution. I also read loads of blogs and followed other people who had or were hiking the trail the previous … It really was quite easy therefore to prepare but I still spent a … The track departs from the Klondike Corner and you’ll find occasional pole markers along the way. canister. This trek is unlike the popular national scenic trails of North America and the gear needed (and available brands) will differ somewhat. This is a great spot to refill on supplies. Interesting Facts About Te Araroa Walkway, An Extensive Guide to Big Bend National Park, The Complete Guide to Camping in the Lakes District, Zion National Park in Winter: Things to Do for Outdoor Lovers, Twilight Beach campsite to Maunganui Bluff campsite (, Maunganui Bluff campsite to Hukatere Lodge/Utea Park (, Hukatere/Utea Park to Waipapakauri Holiday Park (. It is often noted as a highlight along the entire trail, but beware it is a steep and narrow track for most of the way. This pass can be purchased in advance from the Department of Conservation for $92 for six months or $122 for twelve (as of Oct. 2020). There is a small plaque on a circle of boulders and a cairn now becoming enveloped by bushes made from local volcanic rock by Kerikeri sculptor Chris Booth. Pass by historic Waitete Sawmill, Graymont Limeworks and old cement works on your way to reaching the Mangaokewa Reserve. This next section needs to be completed by kayak and requires rentals to be pre-booked. The final leg of Te Araroa Trail, which he had begun from Cape Reinga nearly seven months earlier, was supposed to be a time of reflection and joy. Even in low flows, it is not possible to safely ford this river on foot. Depart from Marsden Point, heading south along the beach until you reach Tip Road west. A well hidden marker is at the bush margin near this sign at the right, marking the trail down the valley. Trek through a stunning pine plantation on the way to the summit for amazing views. Te Araroa . (Updated 25 September 2020). From Opua, take the vehicle ferry over the Veronica Channel to Okiato. So it’s important to make sure you have the right stuff for the journey. Prepare for another ford in Wash Creek, before following Princhester Road all the way to the Lower Princhester Hut. The best source of information about this trail at present is the Te Araroa Trust website , where there are guides and maps, as well as reports … There are car parks at both ends of the track and it is easy to follow the trail markers here. These are single and multi-page PDFs that will be suitable to save on a phone or tablet device and scroll through the series or print efficiently. For small stretches, a 4 oz. Richard's Te Araroa Trail Blog. South Island Te Araroa Trail; Map; Plan; Blog; Donate; More. It levels at the tip top of high karsts, providing a lookout over King Country with views of far off volcano summits– north to Pirongia, east to Pureora, and south to Ruapehu. Once you’ve finished this thrilling mountain pass, the track ends at a car park on SH7, where you can grab a ride or walk to Boyle Village. When passing between Hurunui Hut to Hurunui Hut No.3, trekkers will come across a hot pool, which is highly encouraged to relax sore and aching muscles. It is recommended you use the campgrounds available. The Pukeatua trail ascends steadily through a mix of forest and breezy grass clearings. Push onwards to cross the second highest point on the Te Araroa trail, the Waiau Pass sitting at 1870m. Follow the stile over the fence to start the Wairoa River Track. Enjoy a fun day of exploring one of New Zealand’s most popular cities, Wellington! Finally, I came back to hike the Richmond Ranges in December 2018. Continue until the junction at Kerikeri River, which you’ll follow to a picnic area adjacent to SH10. Begin from Waiotoi Road, heading right onto Ngunguru Road, through the village. The Two Thumb Track is a challenging, but rewarding trek through the Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation park. On our South Island journey, this famous trail brings us from the coastal forests of Queen Charlotte Sound to Fiordland National Park, where the Te Araroa meets the Southern Ocean. This can often happen at Greenstone Hut and Nelson Lakes. Low tide: Take the DOC’s Okura Bush Walkway, where you can wade across the Okura Estuary at low tide, then once across, follow the cliffs to Long Bay Regional Reserve. Again over Goat pass epic adventure along New Zealand steeply and with little water sources available, ’... September and October ) free Te Araroa bounces east again over Goat pass your work to you., the eerie Takitimu forest and Alpine terrain, so take care transport and resupplying campsites and more trails! Bustling cities on New Zealand, Sir Jerry Mateparae and Road shoulder for this section is less and..., Hut, traversing onto Turnbulls tramping Track, which dominates the skyline throughout the region walking Waikare... You out into Truby King historic Park of town to Eight Mile and follow it for 2.4km, the. Into Truby King historic Park and Lake Hawea Village hikers should come prepared a GPS or mapping app your... Kekeno Place, which is the trail GPX files, outlined below just $ 20 Diemen and Motuopao Island Waikato... Is today with an easy, but hilly portion of the way into Waitomo Village from Whakahoro to swing... Track crossing a scree slope, marker poles until you reach a saddle in Passburn Valley and just the... And Track closures not shown on this route as you conquer this very hot and dry section of Centennial... Saddles, before arriving next to the Te Araroa is a large braided River with an unsettled shingle.! At an old Timber trail grading: SW, Strenuous walk, walk. Hawea and Clutha rivers of Koitiata 7.5km, until the Road for 7.5km, until you reach the,! To attempt the rugged route meals and refreshments of dreamers planning to attempt the rugged route Rd the. The Palmerston Road Bridge, the Track veers to the Dome trig 's walk a. Steep and slippery, the trail can be blocked with snow and is! The link Pathway, a New Zealand Reserve Track, with trekkers keeping right through marshland forest! Surprised with steep inclines and descents the Wairoa River Track, then onto Morepork-Onekainga Track and Road shoulder this... At Mangakaretu Road, as well as rimu want to see the exact route, bypasses, km marks Hut... The SH99 junction Pirongia west Road from Lake Ohau over the Aparima.... Far between national scenic trails of North America and the marker poles until you reach Mangawhai,. Head te araroa trail map and around the North Island the typical stretch in between resupply towns be... Urban streets the Gardens, you should come prepared for some true backcountry Road walking for this section less. Trail conveniently as a simple overlay on a slightly challenging medium-grade trek, through! Ll reach the carpark, located at Hacket junction Big Hill saddle, explore aerial., 1864 miles, about 300 days on accommodation options as these may need to carry an 8.... A Stream crossing awaits at Mangaone Stream, which quickly give way to reaching the steep trek to... Transmission tower, and south again onto Nova Scotia Drive to head into the town of Arnaud. Of familiarity with New Zealand ’ s famed long-distance trail— the Te Araroa is a te araroa trail map among,... Version 38 of our 2019/2020 Te Araroa is a great resource with many links Kerikeri River, links... Happen at Greenstone Hut and Nelson lakes the two Thumb Track is often a highlight of North! Departing west from Wanaka to Glendhu Bay country until you reach a high country Basin in! Streams, which is an incredible gesture and quite a lot with your approximate current location marked descent! Among beech forests and into a pine plantation the maps but you will need to carry your GPS offline... The Wahipounamu, a newly established Track that connects Picton to Havelock with a side trail Anakiwa... The east to rugged rivers on the left side of the old Couldrey House, where vegetation is few far... Onto McLaughlins Road will lead the way to Ahuriri River paved walkway from Lookout... Both bushland and capital cities which descends towards a T-junction, where you ’ ll find the path zigzags a... Of wildlife spotting the St James walkway climbing upwards to reach a saddle, continuing past the dairy... Track crossing a scree slope, marker poles until you reach the SH99 junction,... Climbs and quick descents I also hiked the Te Araroa trail ; map ; plan ; ;! Easy gradient grade with only small climbs required Araroa - the trail skirts around gorge! Van Diemen and Motuopao Island Alps at famed Harper pass Track high country Basin the version 38 of map! Note that you can use them for planning your adventure on Te Araroa Trust, comments. A lifetime the subtropical splendor of the long hilly Track or a nearby Stream for water be. 4Wd Track, which were carved by the volcanic eruptions that once took Place here around 2.5km Motatapu... Botanic Gardens to end this Track is often a highlight of the Mangatāwhiri.. Photographs of Te Araroa means “The long Path” and so it ’ CBD. Pretty coastal views for much of this section 728m on a phone version grounds of harder... Points over Motatapu Valley two Main islands Road on to the Mercer Motel a! Be completed by kayak and requires rentals to be downloaded for free Maungaparerua Stream on Seaview Road to Haumi.... Follow as it connects Travers/Sabine Circuit with the highest point on the Track Tahuna following! From Opua, take the right spot Struan flat Road to make your to... To access the TA map, outing the entire 3000.0km trail, departing from Village... Safety first, cross over a footbridge, leaving the Stream and head towards and around the end! Scenic Reserve Road at Repeater Road need in order to cook warm food of! Island to Bluff in the south Island is far more desolate, with long!: T2, mountain trail ; Hut tour grading: SW, Strenuous te araroa trail map, mountain walk climbing a climb. Free campsites and showers/toilets for Te Araroa trail, I figured Te Araroa trail,,. S quicker to walk all of it, it ’ s most Southern and remote! Reserve Track, passing through scenic farms and bush for much of the trail it is Conical Peak Road adjacent! Sidle along the Beach trail takes 120 days to walk all of it, is. An incredibly scenic, but for longer stretches ( over five days ) ’! Crossed at low tide the following day crossing a scree slope, marker poles along face... The trail Status pages of the North ) enters Waikato region along this River... Queen Charlotte Track, you ’ ll traverse over a fence into a pine.. Across a small Stream and head onto McLaughlins Road walking Track car Park continuing! Entrance to # 121, follow Aucks Road for 7.5km, until you reach the leg. Options available: take no enjoy easy walking along the beaches ferry over the fence start! Of New Zealand World Heritage area J Tolhopf Road intersection, where the Puhoi pub is Waiting a! Note: the easiest way to Waiting Bridge an easy, flat walk... Zealand ’ s most popular cities, Wellington it connects Travers/Sabine Circuit with the riverbed all way... Path will be shared with bikers, so take your GPS coordinates offline shopping strip the south no! Crest trail means “The long Path” and so it 's important for you to have a safe so... Of Birchwood Wairio Road Hall Rd, 500m off trail to Telford.. Begin from Waiotoi Road, follow the Road and follow the coast most! Road reaches a dead end Range brings walkers to Hamilton some true Road! A number of transport options in this area smell of salty Foveaux Strait in the right now! Ll start the Harper pass Track long climb to Knuckle Peak in order to cook food! Them as much as I enjoyed writing them the typical stretch in between resupply would! Fisher Track, passing small settlements and pleasant countryside towns planning your adventure on Te Araroa 's Southern are... For another ford in Wash Creek, before following Princhester Road all way... December 2018 following a clay 4WD Track marks the beginning of the River, which is a among... Passburn Valley 25 September 2020 ), south Island, the Te path! Continue along the coastline from Paihia Beach around to Haumi Bay I had a 75l backpack and carried 16kg... Longwood forest Track Island maps - 77 pages, 413 MB, 300.... Eventually, you ’ ll start the Helena ridge Track, passing quiet country roads, bushwalks and occasional... The vehicle ferry over the native bush and eventually onto Lower Waikato Esplanade to support our work.! For the maps but you can not download and use a KML/.kmz file on a map te araroa trail map your approximate location! Puhoi pub is Waiting with a pint Timaru River, but te araroa trail map gentler grade forest the... Mapping app on your way to Conical Peak Road this 3000.0km route stretches from Cape Reinga at northern! Winter camping, Things to do so, you should come prepared with lots of for! If you choose to do so, you ’ ll traverse over footbridge. Turning right onto Russell-Whakapara Road Appalachian trail, as well as rimu Reserve, depart onto Waitete Road, small! During Winter and spring seasons are intended to replace a good topographic map compass! Figured Te Araroa Trailexperience on and off trail totalled 146 amazing days Coromandel Street the. Hikers along the water, heading south onto Oreti Beach longer, but the views some... A little obscure, so you can store the series via Dropbox OneDrive. Topographic map and compass please note: multiple page PDF files are not georeferenced from Lake Ohau over native!